21 September 2012

The Great Recovery - Moving Towards a Circular Economy

Our current linear model of ‘take-make-dispose’ is throwing up major economic and environmental challenges. Risk to our supply chain is increasing, and the cost of materials is rising sharply, putting pressure on businesses to change. We need to shift towards more circular systems and good design thinking is pivotal to this transition.

20 September 2012

'Dawn Chorus' - Our Singing Planet

These audible radio waves are emitted by energetic particles within the magnetosphere, a phenomenon that surrounds any planet or moon with an intrinsic magnetic field, like Earth. These particles affect (and are affected by) the radiation belts that also surround the planet, creating the unique noises.


19 September 2012

Hide and Seek by Malika Favre

Fascinated by patterns in everyday life, urban surroundings and architecture, French born Malika Favre has put together Hide and Seek, her first solo show in London. Malika's work is bold and minimalistic, exploring the relationship between positive and negative space.

Hide and Seek - Malika Favre as seen @ Kemistry Gallery London EC2A 6th-29th September 2012