21 November 2013


HYPER-CRAFTED is a studio study that looks at the rise of the modern day crafts-pioneer. 

Computer technology, modern machinery and old production techniques become intertwined with a revival of past passions in making and creating beautiful objects. 

HYPER-CRAFTED is about breaking new boundaries, bringing to life limitless visions of a modern day pioneer. Ultra purists that focus on combining ideals with skills in creating objects of desire, objects lovingly nurtured for the preserved long term.

An astonishing 35 years after the last live, direct to vinyl mainstream recording, Nitin Sawhney rises to the challenge with his brand new past, present and future unplugged album OneZero. This retrospective was cut live to vinyl with his phenomenal band and special guest Joss Stone, and also features four brand new tracks. Uncompromised by the safety net of post-production editing, multi-tracking or modern sound correction techniques, Sawhney - boldly daring to go where no major artist has gone since 1978 - recorded seventeen songs from his back catalogue and forthcoming album, as old school as it gets, direct to disc before a live audience at Metropolis Studios on April 6th 2013.

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